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server Properties



1-)You can jump 3 times in a row by pressing space.


2-)You can run faster by taking your knife weapon.


3-)You can reset your score by writing to chat /rs.


4-)Special Gun Model Set.


5-)When you kill a player , you will get 30 hp, when you kill a player with headshot you will get 60 hp.İn this


way the max hp is 250 for a player.


6-)You can't find these special death and shot effects in an another server.When you hit a player,there will


be a blue aura effect for ct , red aura effect for terrors.And when you kill a player, special death effects will be


seen in your screen,so you need a good screen card.


7-)There is a special grenade system:



Normal : Normal grenade throwing.

Proximity : This grenade mode will effect for a certain area. 

Impact : İn this mode the grenade will explode when it crush something.

Trip Laser : You can use grenade as a laser mine.

Motion Sensor : The mode that only explode as a sensor.

Satchel charge : You can use the grenade as a remote bomb.

Homing : Homing missile mode.


The fog grenade is cold grenade in this mode.



8-)Colored flashbangs.


9-)Bat wing parachute model.


10-)Register system: İn server there is a nick register system to protect your nickname.You can use it writing


/reg to chat.And then you can enter a password for your nick.


11-)Top15 will be reset end of the months.


12-)Top 1 and top 2  will win 1 month admin, top 3-4-5 will win 3  month V.I.P.


13-)Special  V.I.P. menu for admins and V.I.P. s.


14-)Anti double duck.The players cant use double duck script.


15-)7  / 24 online admins.


16-)Admin group system.İn server there are hierarchy system behind admins.


Game Master(owner) > Head Admin > Admin > V.I.P. > Slot


17-)Server is never empty.When there isnt any player, bots are joining game auto.


18-)Matrix sytle jump.


19-)Bullet and weapon trails.


20-)Counter Terrorist team glows light blue, terrorist team glows red.


21-)Special admin models,V.I.P. properties and capes will come soon.


22-)For ultimate hackers there is ultimate punishment that blocks their all game.


23-)To see your rank you dont need to write /rank or something else.In your game screen it is written auto.


24-)There is a special rank system that is showen on your main screen.More frags give you new ranks.


25-)Admin tag system.


26-)All in one menu. İn our server when you press "M" on keyboard, you will see a special menu which


increase team select, view top15, view rank, protect your nick, V.I.P. menu ,score reset and online admins


options in one menu.


27-)Regeneration: When someone hits you, your hp will start to regenerate auto 1 by 1 degree.


28-)You can join server's clan [ULTRON] auto by wiriting to chat /tagal.


29-)You can see your character as 3d mode by writing /3pers.


30-)Mortal Kombat sound effects.


31-)Auto refill ammo: When you kill a player, your ammo will be refilled auto ,so you dont need to reload your 


ammo , if you kill someone.


32-)BecomeV.I.P: After 500 frags, you will be V.I.P. player auto.


33-)V.I.P. players will have VIP tag on scoreboard.


34-)You can go to spectator by writing /spec when you want.


35-)Report system: You can send a message to offline admins to report hackers.




Server Rules


1-)Swearing is forbidden.


2-)Glitching is forbidden.

3-)Abusing other players and admins isn't allowed.

4-)Hacking  and cheating is forbidden.

5-)Auto-Bhop is forbidden.

6-)Cfg is allowed.

7-)Ducking is forbidden.

8-)Camping is allowed.You don't have time to camp in this mode.

9-)Disrespecting and kidding with admins  is a ban reason.


10-)Continously map wanting is forbidden.


11-)Advertising is forbidden.